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Night Magic Danes

Welcome to the home of Night Magic Danes.

Where we have been raising the bar for Great Dane Breeders for over 14 years.

We breed amazing European imports in many beautiful colors,

Specializing in solid colors as well as Harlequins, Merles, mantel and Pie

in beautiful shades of Blues~

~Solid Blue, Blue Fawn, blue chocolate *lilac, and Blue & Black Tan Points !

We do also occasionally have black harlequin litters as well :)

We are located in the deep south of southern Georgia, close to the beautiful gulf coast,

and place all of our emphasis on excellence.

From the care given to our pups and adults...

To our puppy placement system & our new *Life-Time*

8 Year Health Guarantee

Night Magic Danes remains THE trend setter for breeders world wide

With the use of Only the Best European Lines and just the right touch of

American influence, for genetic diversity,

We are the origianal producer of the Amazing

image of a truly Great,


*****2-15-2018****UP-DATE***** We are currently under construction so please don't forget to press the refresh button to stay up to date or you can feel free to visit our Contact Us Page.


*****CURRENT NEWS*****


up-date *** 2-15-2018*** We have a special one for you!!!

Contact Us for more info, or visit our puppies page for more pictures :)

Visit the Babies HERE

For existing deposit holders please just text me that you would like to be on the list for one of the girls


*If you know of a Dane in need please contact me for help in finding it a forever home...


Why Choose A Night Magic Dane Puppy

Gallery of our Great Danes

Puppies Page

About breeding Harlequin and Merle puppies

Puppy pointers

About Us

At Stud

Adult Dogs & Co-Own Puppies and Adults

***All About Taping the Cropped Ear

You might be a Great Dane owner if.... **FUNNY**

**Great Dane Information

**Sea Pet: nutritional information for the health of your Great Dane


**** 1-8-15 up-date... for everyone keeping up with my pregnancy... I had my baby boy on the 3rd of October... 2014 ;) ***yes, he is getting older.... but I just love this pict! haha****


10/25/14: Lila Produced Tan Point puppies with Ranger!!!!! This breeding will be repeated in the spring *black and blue tan points will be possible in solid, harlequin and Merle :)

Check Out This Great...Great Dane Merchandise :)(out side link)

Originally Designed Great Dane Breed Professional Equipment - dog collars, harnesses, muzzles, leashes, and other dog stuff for Great Dane breed.

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"He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."