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Our Girls With Co-own Homes... We will get a few pick puppies back from these girls with litters



Our Simi-Retired Girls lol These two girls have each had one litter and are still intact ... Rosie lives with us and does not have normal heats, sometimes going 18 months between them lol ... we will hopefully be able to have one more litter with her so we can keep a daughter... and Clarie had low milk production last litter and now lives in a wonderful retirement pet home, as we are undecided if we will have another litter with her yet...



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for all the questions about our new lilac and tan point puppies...YES they are FULL, 100%, AKC registered Great Danes and are health tested for hips, thyroid, eyes and heart *heart is both echoed and now DNA tested for dilated Myopathy! tests just came out late last year... about these colors.... both chocolate and tan point genes exist naturally in the Danes gene pool... but after a hundred years of breeders trying to breed these colors out to follow out-dated color codes that were only in place to better predict the color of the offspring in a litter, *as no DNA tests existed then, these colors are simply no longer common...but still just as beautiful as ever and now with color DNA testing we are able to test *non-showing Danes to see if they can produce these colors... we are still focused on TEMPERAMENT and HEALTH first and are just expanding our program to these colors...because Pets can be loved in ANY color and our goals remain the same... to produce both AKC color pure as well as AKC off colors to the same show standards as we have always strived for... we hope that one day ALL Dane colors will be accepted in the show ring as we feel STRONGLY that a show dog should be more than the color of its coat... if you feel the way we do please contact GDCA *Great Dane Club of America - Standards committee as we are in the process of trying to get GDCA to accept an off color show class, so all of the wonderful colors can compete in AKC shows...