Grooming Your Great Dane

Routine grooming is just as important for your Great Dane as it is for you. Cleansing of your Great Dane will improve their overall appearance, prevent disease and infection, and contribute to their overall mental and physical well-being. Our Great Danes become members of our family, and like any member of our family - we must love them and care for them. The following tips are to be used as a guideline to ensure proper care of your Dane:


Unlike humans, who shower on a daily basis, your Great Dane should be bathed on a “as needed” basis. The frequency of bathing varies depending on the individual pet. Naturally, you’ll want to wash your Great Dane when his appearance is unkempt or when he starts to give off an odor. In the colder months, never wash your Great Dane and let him go outside afterwards. Make sure that he is completely dry first, as this will prevent him from getting sick. NEVER use shampoo intended for human use. Dog shampoos are specially formulated for your Dane’s skin, which is very sensitive. Human shampoos can cause excessive drying and skin irritations. Take precautions when washing your Great Dane to make sure shampoo doesn’t get in their eyes.

When washing your Great Dane stand and calm him in the location that you have chosen for the bath. Make sure that all of your bathing supplies are on hand and in reaching distance. Start the water on his feet, and work your way up the legs to the chest and then the back, this will help him get use to the feel of the water before it is running all over him, which can startle some dogs. If your dog starts to pull away, stop the bath put him back in the standing position and calm him again before continuing. Bath time should be a fun time for both of you. Your goal is to be able to bath him with out him moving, even when you are not holding on to him. Make sure that you Never raise your voice or spank him during this process, only use a soothing voice and steady hands, you do not want him to be afraid of bath time.


You should introduce a dog brush to your Great Dane when he is a puppy. Let him get comfortable with brushing early and he’ll look forward to it as he matures. Brushing will prevent matted hair and remove excess fur, which helps with the shedding. It will also remove pet dander, preventing build-up on your dog’s skin and coat.

You can follow the brushing with a shine product to create a beautiful show quality sheen. I use Trendline shine wax by Goldwell. It is a pomade used for people. I take the wax in my hands and warm it up by rubbing my hand back and forth and then smooth it over my dogs and work it in with a cloth, there should never be any visible build up, just a sheen. It works wonders on their coat and the quality of their skin, works great on dry skin as well. It should take about 10 mins to 'buff' your Great Dane.


Examine your pets ears regularly for dirt and wax. Use a soft cotton ball on the ear. Never lodge the cotton ball into the ear. NEVER stick a Q-tip in your Great Danes ear. The cotton applicator can damage his ear drum to an irreparable state. If you’re unsure how to clean your pet’s ears, ask your veterinarian to demonstrate for you.


It’s very important to keep your Great Dane’s nails trimmed. Remember, there are veins in the nails. You can see the point where the vain ends if you look under your dogs nail. There will be a hook immediately following the vain. Remember to calm your dog before and during this process, never clip a dog that is moving around, you can remove the entire nail, and the toes bleed profusely, not to mention the pain your dog will feel. If you’ve never clipped a dog’s nails before, take him to a groomer. When you feel more comfortable you can purchase clippers and do it from the comfort of your own home. Failure to keep your Dane’s nails clipped can result in painful in-grown nails. Prevent your Great Dane from experiencing such pain and/or infection by keeping up with their nails.

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