Hamm's XXX Xander

AKA: Alexander the Great 'Xander'

Night Magic Danes is proud to introduce, Xander, out of Kraina Hamms Great Danes. What an Amazing Boy!

This is the boy of my dreams, after Jake I did not think that another boy could steal my heart again, but I was wrong. Xander is outstanding in all ways, he is out of the finest European International and World Champion lines, his beauty is unmatched, except for his personality. He is amazingly calm and obedient, and has unbelievable bladder control, as we have not had a single accident since he has come into our home. He likes to talk, but is not barky, and he is very accepting of all strangers. His laid back personality, and calm inquisitiveness are traits I am hoping he will pass along to his progeny, along with his incredible substance, massive head, and beautiful top line and gait. I wish a very special thanks to Hammís Danes for this truly amazing boy of my dreams.

His pedigree is at the bottem of the page

October 2011

2 1/2 years



Personality: Xander is very, very, very sweet and laid back. He is the big goof ball of the bunch, nothing ever seems to phase him and he is always happy to lift his head from napping, thump his tail a few times and give a few kisses while receiving a few pets, before going back to sleep :) He is a true southern gentleman, and also a momma's boy as he must sleep the absoulte closest to mom at night...even if it means laying on top of another dog! He would be in the bed if there was more room! As he is an excellent snuggler that never moves a mussel no matter how much you toss and turn :)

Energy level: low


June 2011


Xander at only 20 months with his Daughter Sheba (out of Niah) at only 8 months! Yes he throws HUGE pups for both Girls and Boys! What an AMAZING Sire!

20 months




Xander at 14 months 36"


10 months

Born: January 2009

34" at 10 months

135lb at 10 months




8 months


4 1/2 months




15 weeks


38 lb

12 weeks


35 lb

11 weeks


9 weeks



8 weeks


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Kraina Hamms Great Danes

Xander's Pedigree




"He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."