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breath right ear strips method

You must use the breath right strips in large tan: *Do Not Use A Knock Off Brand*.

First clean the ear where you intend to apply the strip *Very Well* with alcohol so that no oils or dirt are present. Then coat the inside of the ear, where you intend to apply the strip or strips and the back side of the breath right strip (sticky side) with skin bond glue, wait 1 or 2 min. and then stretch the skin and the crease you are fixing, as tight as possible and apply the sticky side directly to the clean skin, with the center of the breath right strip over the crease in the ear in which you are fixing: hold firmly in place for 30-60 seconds.

For a lower ear crease that does not require much support, the strip should be almost centered on the crease of the ear, slightly more of the strip should be below the crease of the ear.

A lower ear crease that requires more support will require more strips, this shows how to arrange the strips. Notice how the upper strip is mostly located above the crease line while the two lower strips are positioned as previously described in 'a lower ear crease that does Not require much support'.

This picture demonstrates the best method for older dogs, with wider ears; For a younger dog with smaller ears just put the breath right strips directly on top one another, for less bulk and width.

For any ear creases at the top of the ear you will need to put the majority of the strip below the crease.

An ear crease at the top of the ear needing extra support, notice how both bottom strips do not touch the crease; if more support is needed apply one more strip directly over the top strip that appears over the crease of the ear.

The breath right ear strips method works best on ears that already stand from the base on their own, but that 'flop' from the mid-point of the ear or up.

This method also works wonders on 'resting' the ears between more demanding tapings.

For example in the first pictures shown, the puppy had only had his ears cut 10 days prior, but as you can see in the pictures the puppies ears were raw. I had to take the splint down to rest his ears but did not want to lose valuable 'up' time, and I needed 3-5 days to allow the ears to rest. Without this method waiting 3-5 days, so soon in the healing process, before re-taping, could have permanently deformed the ears, or at least made the taping process much longer. But with this method, you can maintain good structure in the ear without further aggravating existing soars, giving the ears time to heal and re-splint.

When resting the ears, use this method until the tips of the ears, above the breath right strips, begin to flop, or until the ears begin to look uneven, and then you will need to properly re tape and support the entire ear.

Time to re-splint


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