Step by Step on how to tape and 're-enforce' croped ears with the quick brace system

1st demonstration by a puppy owner on thier first attempt ... with me guiding them :)

get your kit out, and any other supplies you will need

brace, glue, tape, sissors, adhesive remover (alchlole), tampon (for extra support if needed) breath right strips from wal-mart for ears after at least 6 weeks of taping or as a quick temporary salution between tapings, and also pictured above is an old brace that has been re-used several times :)

1st cut tampon in half (so you have two short thick pieces) and wrap with tape then coat in glue and set aside (they can be wraped tighter than the picture showes in the first set, the 2nd demonstration shows then wrapped tighter)

*these can also be made from rolled up paper towels... just wrap tight, and make them about 1" tall and as thick as a quarter, and wrap in cloth tape .... maybe thicker/taller if your puppy is older

Then put glue on braces first....wait a few mins and then apply glue to the inside of the ear just to the 'tab' at the base

put a small strip of glue on the back side of the ears as well

(below)then press on braces to just above the 'tab' at the base of the ears... do not touch the tab or it will rub

(above)put tape accross the middle of the ears and accross the back the tape pressing into the spot of glue applied there

(below) Re-enforcement step* add more glue to the top of the tape and to the outside of the quick brace at the base...(2nd picture) add glue to a strip at the back of the ears directly accross from the base of the quick brace

(below)re-enforcement step* wait a few mins for the glue to dry some then press the 1/2 tapmon that has been previously wraped in cloth tape and coated in glue, on to the bottom of the quick brace just above the 'tab on the inside of the ears... it should fit nicely and press it in good for good glue attachment

(below) re-enforcement step* put tape accross the top (there should be glue on it as well) and wrap it around to go over the strip of glue applied to the back of the ears (the thicker tape is not needed we just ran out of the thinner tape during this taping)

For extra, extra protection *and so they dot get stuck* continue up with the tape (you can add a strip of glue to the very outside edge where the tape will fold over for added power) and dont forget to tape the back side as well or everythig will stick to it :)

This one looks kinda messy but it was their 1st attempt :) scroll on down to see Kiah at her next taping session :)

(above) smaller tampon inserts and thinner dollar store cloth tape

and the front

and the back

(above) glue going up the outside edge of the ears and starting with the tape

and a back side finnished view

and front and side finnished views

For puppies that are VERY rough.. substitute duck tape for the cloth tape used in the center of the brace and to hold on the (tampon/or paper towel) base supports... not as pretty, but it has staying power!!!! :) glue is still needed on the ear and supports

Ranger.... before ducktape.... after ducktape :)




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