Fabled King Leonitius Margarejro FCI


We Would Like to Offer a Very, Very, Very Special Thank You to Agnieszka Sroczynska for our Newest Boy :)Fabled King Leonitius Margarejro FCI

or Leo as we call him:) He was born on 3/15/2011 at his birth kennel in Poland...Margarejro Great Danes...We are beyond excited to have him with us here is the USA!!! He is Very Tall/Calm with a Huge Thick Chest, Outstanding Euro Head, Very Correct Floating Gait and Perfect Conformation with Great Skin and nice hard Poop!!! He is Absolutely Stunning and Perfect in Every Way!!! His lines will compliment Xander and Riddick's lines perfectly and bring out the Euro head and chest in their pups :) to visit his kennel go to this link

Margarejro FCI

Leo's pedigree is at the bottom of the page

Leo has several planned breedings this year :) to see them, go to this link

Our Planned Litters

Pictures of Leo's parents and grand parents are pictured at the bottom of this page :)

2 years


Dec 20012

Pictured with Queenie and two of his puppies with Sterling


Sheba 2 years, Leo 12 months, Zelda 18 months

Leo and Sheba

Leo and Zelda above 3 picts :)

1 year




9 months



Personality: Leo is a lover boy, he is very calm and confidant and at ease in all situations, he has a natural grace about him, and he is not goofy but more stately or kingly :)He gets along well with all other animals, people, children and does not have prey drive, and will even help me walk the geese back down to the pond when they come up, and he does not chase them at all...He loves to go on runs and will stay at the head of the pack (just behind me:) and he is an avid swimmer as well, once inside he is very content to nap the day away. Other than being around his people, he loves to eat and will do just about anything for a treat ha ha go figure :) He is a wonderful boy in all aspects and we could not be happier with him...His first breeding will take place in the spring of 2012 :)

We expect him to mature out at 37+" and 220+lb as he is a very large boy for his age, even larger than Xander and he is a BIG boy!!! His father was almost 38" at 2 years old when Leo was born....very tall for a European Great Dane! :) scroll to the bottom of the page to see picts of his parents :)

Energy Level: medium low


7 months




6 months




14 weeks

ears up!

21 1/2"



12 weeks




9 weeks to the day


16 1/2"


8 weeks: 1st day in the USA :)


15 1/2"


6 weeks at his home in Poland


5 weeks

at his home in Poland


Meet Leo's parents:

Sire: Cashmere Heavenly Blue Margarejro FCI: pictured at 20 months



Meet More of Leo's Grandparents :)

pictured above: (parents of Cashmere) on left, Valdez grandsire on fathers side...on right, Kamira grandmother on fathers side

pictured above: Teglathfalazar: great grand sire on fathers side (father of Kimara)

QUIXOTE - B DEL REGNO DI FANTASIA: Grand sire on mothers side(father of Immagination)


Leo's Pedigree




"He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."