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All puppies will be AKC Reg. I do offer Limited and Full Reg. Limited requires spay/neut Contract to be signed and conformation from a vet of spay/neut and then AKC papers will be sent. I will only place qualified pups on Full Reg and only to qualified show/breeding homes, if you are taking advantage of the puppy back option then I will hold on to your puppies papers until I receive the puppy back. All puppies will be up to date on all shots and worming. I offer a standard 2 year genetic guarantee on all puppies. I also offer....

Health Guarantee

*All puppies come with a standard *2 year* health guarantee that covers the death of a purchased adult or puppy from Night Magic Danes, as a result of a genetic issue, with a certified autopsy, if that were to happen the puppy or adult would be replaced with a puppy of equal value when availability arises.

*5 year* genetic Gold guarantee, up's the 2 year to a 5 year *60 month* guarantee if the puppy buyer agrees to continue to use Omega 3 fatty acids daily using seapet's automatic shipments

*Life-Time* 8 year genetic Premium guarantee, if the puppy buyer agrees to continue to use Omega 3 fatty acids along with Seapet's Super Health Joint Formula, daily using seapet's automatic shipments and it will up the 2 year to a 8 year *96 month* guarentee

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To produce a showing tan point *this means it looks like a tan point ..."WHAT you say! you can have a tan point that does not LOOK like a tan point!!! HOW is that POSSIBLE?!" this is one of the reasons that is color and gene is so tricky ... because it is not simple one gene but a combination of three genes to get a puppy to "show" or look like a tan point.... here is what you need...

A.) You need it to be a Tan Point first... and this is a recessive trait... like blue eyes in people... it just means that you need to have two copies of the gene... one from the mom and one from the dad... if you only have one copy then you are considered a carrier.... like how brown eyed people can have blue eyed kids! * note for people with more understanding of genetics... the gene is 'AT' and is located on the' A' Agouti or fawn locus... on the 'A' locus is actually a PATTERN locus and it modifies the colors on the coat to be in a specific pattern... patterns of the 'A' locus in order of dominance 'AY' then 'AT' then 'AW' then 'a' .... so all you need is to have one AT gene and to NOT have a AY gene because it is dominate to AT... but AT is dominate to both 'AW'*wild like a german Shepard and 'a' recessive black ... AY is for a fawn dog, the pattern here is the roots of the hairs are black and the rest of the air diluted to fawn, AT this modifies the mask to extend it over the whole body except at the 'points' chest, feet, cheeks, eyebrows, which remain fawn.... AW also modifies the mask but to a saddle pattern across the back, 'a' recessive black... black dog

B.) It cannot have the fawn blocking gene 'KB' on the "K" or dominate black locus... so it has to be a genetic fawn dog....... this is because because the "K" locus is Dominate to the Fawn "A" locus....extra note * it makes the coat a solid color, solid colors are black and chocolate then the blue is a dilution gene that will dilute a black or chocolate dog to either blue from black or lilac from chocolate...... also *harl and merle patterns are on a different locus and do not apply here...

NOTE: Due to the rarity of these genes in Great Danes and the extra cost involved in not only purchasing these new lines but also with DNA testing involved to find the carriers and to make these colors possible, their prices will be higher...


We are in the process of breeding for a lilac Tan Point which at this time * April 2016* does not exist... as both colors must be on both sides of the pedigree to produce one... this is a daunting undertaking with the rarity of these genes ....we are working toward along with a few partners... we expect to produce our first in 2-4 years... until then we will have preliminary breedings that will combine both Tan Point genes as well as Chocolate genes

UPDATE: Born- July 2nd, 2018
The Worlds First Lilac Tan Point

Night Magics Never Before"Bendu"

Sassy X Rasta