Night Magics Dream of Kiah


Kiah pronounced: Ki-uh (hard I ; soft uh)

Owned and loved by Night Magic Dane's

Kiah is out of Niah and Xander

Kiya is an intense girl who always wants to be right at your side, and right in the middle of the commotion haha She has beautiful effortless movement and a great top line and conformation. She has a beautiful tighter skinned boxy head and a thick chest. Both of her parents are 37" but her growth was stunted early on in her co-own home before I found out and she came back to me and this caused her to only reach 33" tall, though she carries for very tall lines and I have no doubt that her puppies will far exceed her height :) (I also no longer co-own puppies because of the bad taste I got with her negligent parents)Kiah has higher energy and is a natural Alpha type girl and is always "on patrol" to make sure nothing is out of place haha :) but she is always checking in with me as she is still very submissive with me and loves nothing more than being the center of my attention :)

18 months




11 months


12 weeks


7 weeks


5 weeks

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"He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."