Picture Taking

Getting that perfect shot, is more than just snapping your camera, no matter how expensive it is. You could take 100 shots and still not get 'That' picture. But there are a few ticks to getting the perfect pose, and the perfect picture at least 1 time out of 10. Now

Step one: Background- find a beautiful spot to take the picture, look for all the features that may be present in your background, avoid things like garden hoses or storage areas , after all the background sets the stage for your picture.

Step two Staging- You need to have a trick up your sleeve to get that perfect poise. Find something that your dog will always be very interested in, something to get his attention, like ringing the door bell. What I do is I take the dog I want, out to an attractive spot, and let him run around for a moment to get his excitement down, and then once the dog is away from me, I sound my car alarm, **get into position before I push the button, and then once the alarm goes off your dog should stop and look toward the alarming sound: Take the picture now! Picture one was achieved with this method. As soon as your dog looks toward the noise, stop the alarm; you do not want the dog getting use to the noise, or he will not react the same way the next time you try for a picture.

Getting into position- you will need to be about 10-20 feet from your dog ******Get down on the ground so that you are taking a picture UP at the dog( this is as important as the pose of the dog in the final picture)*******This picture demonstrates the upward angle of the camera.

Repeat process 10-15 times for that one perfect picture

You can use anything to get the attention of your dog, a cat in the yard next door, visitors, a remote toy car works great, but remember not to scare your dog with it, just interest him in it.

In the first picture I interrupted them from play, having the camera ready, by making abrupt, loud, funny noises. The second picture, took two people, all the dogs were poised, and kept in place, while the second person took the pictures and interested the dogs into alert poises...I think we used a combination of squeaky toys, door alarms, and treats!

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