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Luna, now Lucy's 1st family contacted me last year about rehoming Luna as they had three young human babies now and felt as though she needed more attention than they could give her .... but then decided to keep her... apparently at some point after this they changed their minds and still re-homed her, but with out my knowledge and the new family never knew me! that family took her to a rescue, after she got into a fight with their senior girl Dane.... and the rescue found me again! thankfully! the rescue has placed her in a wonderful foster home until she can find another home....

here is some information the foster home provided me with about her current temperament and issues that may need work

As for Lucy and the questions you had for her: she is not good with cats, we tried her with my parent's cats and she started barking and growling at them. She has not been around any small dogs off leash, but at a local dog event, she met many different dogs, and acted great around them. She walks okay on a leash, I've had better, I've also had way worse. Great with children, any adult or kid could put their hand in her mouth to retrieve an object, and she'll let us. When she came to us last week, she guarded food and toys, now she shares her water bowl and plays tug-of-war, sometimes even allowing our dane to win. She was rehomed because she attacked the senior dane of her second home, the home the Smiths picked out for her in June. We have been using positive reinforcement to deal with her issues, and slow introductions. Her behavior improves with exercise, and she becomes lazier after our one mile walk in the mornings. Energy level is pretty calm for your average 22 month old dane. She likes to find things she shouldn't have, but that usually happens when enough stimulation isn't being given; we redirect her attention to a chew or stuffed toy, and she minds just well with that. I cannot tell if her "aggression" is gender specific as the dog she attacked was an older female, because she gets along with my two alphas just fine. They all determined their roles and get along great. We tested her with my parent's male dane who is 10, and they were fine as well. Lucy listens when she wants to, we have a remote powered beep collar that we used to get her to stop barking at the window all the time, she doesn't like the beep, so she stops immediately. I think right now she's learning to build trust before she listens. She is fixed, and I am crate training her.

because she has already been placed with a foster through a rescue....Anyone interested in her should apply on the Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue's website at or contact the rescue by using their "Contact Us" form.

just copy and past the address into your browser bar... until I can figure our how to do an outside link

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O' MY, Its Almost Christmas!!!and Here is a Puppy Sending You Hugs, Kisses and Merry Wishes :)

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"He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."