Calming a nervous puppy

There will be times when you and your puppy disagree about how he is being handled; for instance at bath time, when he is getting his toes clipped, at the vet, and if you have had your puppies ears clipped, then especially at re taping.

Some puppies will whine, or howl like then are being seriously injured (when they are really just unhappy) others leap about and carry on making almost any job impossible. There are positive ways to correct this behaviour, and there are negative ways, that will only reinforce his 'bad habits'.

First step: hold your puppy firmly in your lap if you are sitting, and with one hand on his chest and one hand under his butt and between his back legs if he is standing. Slowly begin petting him in long slow strokes, calming him down completely before beginning. You must keep your voice low, smooth, reassuring and calming throughout this process.

Once calm, proceed with your task, as soon as he starts to wiggle, or whine begin to talk to him in the manner mentioned, while gently increasing the the amount of pressure you are using to hold him, stop completely what you are doing, if needed, to completely calm him down. The goal is to never let him get as carried away with himself as the previous time you restrained him.

Continue this process until your task is completed. The first few time will be taxing and will take more time than you may want to spend doing such a simple task, but it is very important that your puppy knows how to act when you are working with or on him. Remember your puppy will eventually out weigh you! And after a few lessens in good manners all of the rest of your grooming and vet experiences will be much more pleasurable.

Things you should avoid doing

Never raise your voice, it will only add to your puppies anxiety and make the correction process longer.

Never 'just allow' the bad behaviour, this will only help to reinforce his bad habit of whining or wiggling, and when he weights 150lb it will be far far far more diffulcult.

If you must use spanking as a correction method, then make sure that you get his attention first by saying his name and looking directly n his eyes, then firmly, not aggressively, tap him once and only once on his behind and and in a low firm quick voice tell him no, the no should be sharp and firm just as the spanking. Make sure that you make eye contact. L

If he proceeds then you can repeat the process up to three times, if it does not work on him then do not use this method.

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