Shark Cartilage Research with Dogs:

Jacques Rauis DVM University of Liege 1991 (excerpt)

Dr. Rauis's first study was conducted with ten dogs, each whom suffered from severe lameness. A dried 100% pure shark cartilage (Cartilade) was used as treatment for secondary osteoarthritis. Each dog was given shark cartilage with their food daily. No other drug, food supplement or treatment was given during the test period. The dogs were evaluated according to the following six parameters: 1. Local swelling; pain. 2. Atrophy of muscles (wasting of regional muscles). 3. Joint crepitation (the rubbing sound characteristic of osteoarthritis). 4. Lameness before action (difficulty walking or running after several hours of immobility). 5. Lameness after action (difficulty walking or running after a half-hour exercise but able to get over an obstacle not previously overcome). 6. Movement over obstacle (difficulty getting over an obstacle).

Dr. Rauis quickly found dramatic decreases in the signs of the disease. The animal's lameness disappeared, and their capacity for getting around obstacles improved tremendously. Swelling, pain and immobilization were negligible. In all cases, when the shark cartilage was discontinued the dogs reverted in large part to their original pained state within fifteen days. Dr. Rauis's observation was that the main effect seemed to against the local swelling. In addition, he felt the effect on the functional signs was "also impressive". His summation: "Shark cartilage appears effective and safe to administer in the treatment of canine osteoarthritis." The owners reported that their pets were more alert, much more alive, very happy, and able to climb stairs alone.

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