Adult Placement Information

Adult Placement Information

Adult Dog Screening Form

Adult Placement Program

I will advertise rescue Danes on this page and if you are in need of help finding a home for your Dane or you know of one in need PLEASE contact me and I will do all I can to help out....I do also occasionaly have adults living with me that will be available to qualified homes, whether it is an abandoned Dane found at the shelter, or one that has come to me from a home who could no longer keep it, or one of my very own beloved retired adults, they will all be treated the same. They will be well behaved, mannered, and loving when they leave my home. I will not place an unbalanced Dane in any home and will rehabilitate it myself if it needs it before leaving me.

All adults will have their own unique personality, and I will only place my adults in a 'matched' home...A home that is matched to the unique personality, and any quirks that they may have...a high energy adult will need someone that is equally active, while a low energy dog will need a lower energy home...some dogs raised with cats will love them...while others, not so much... Some Danes LOVE small dogs while others may play to rough and so on....Each home will be hand picked for the best match possible.

*All adult rescue Danes will be adopted for free, or for the amount I have invested in them

Any family who would like to be considered for the adoption of a retired Adult family member must fit all the below listed requirements. No exceptions! All of my adults have a permanent home with me and I will only place them where I think that they will get more attention and love that I am capable of giving.

If you have an adult in need of a new home or know of one that needs a new home please contact us.


Adult Dog Screening Form



All Adults

*You must live within driving distance.

*The dog must be able to sleep beside the bed at night, and have at least 2 Dane sized dog beds one for the living room and one for the bed room.

*You must have a fenced in yard.

*You must keep the dog on a high quality dog food for its entire life.

*You may never sell or find a new home for the adult...if the placement does not work for any reason he/she will come back to me.

*You must be able to keep me updated every few days for the first few weeks to months :)...through pictures, emails, texts, and/or phone calles mainily because I will keep calling and asking how she/he is, or to give her/him kisses for me :)

Additional Requirements For Retired Breeding Adults

*At least one family member must be a stay at home mom or dad, or the dog must be able to go to work with at least one family member, on a trial biases.

*You must continue with the supplements that I give.

*You must be at least 28 years old...not that a younger person cannot do it, but so many young people have such turbulent lives and my retired dogs do not need that.

*You must own your own home and may not be renting...again I want a stable family to have one of my adults, as that is what they deserve.

*You may not have more than 2 other dogs...I want them to have all the attention from their new family and not to have to vie for attention.

*You may never sell or find a new home for the adult...if the placement does not work for any reason he/she will come back to me. (This goes double for my retired adults!)


How It Will Work

1st... fill out my Adult Dog Screening Form, found above... If I do not have a current adult dog, then you can be put on a waiting list for the next adult that I may have available.

2nd... We will plan a first meet up in town, where I will bring my adult and we will see if you have a natural compatibility with him/her. You will be able to walk him/her and I will observe how you handle the dog and if I think you have the right energy for him/her.

3rd... We will plan a trip to your house, where I will bring him/her to you and help in introducing him/her to any family pets that you already have.

4th... He/She will stay the weekend with you on a trial basis before anything is permanently decided.

5th... We will meet up again within the week to see how he/she is doing and if all is well they you will have a new family member.

***Each dog is different and will need different things from it's family, so if you are not approved, please do not be up-set, it does not mean that you are a bad dog owner just that you are not 100% fitted with the adult in question.***


Why I Have an Adult Placement Program for my Retired Breeding Dogs

Let me start off by saying that this was a very difficult decision to make, and I spent many sleepless nights trying to decide what was BEST for my dogs, and not just what I wanted (which is to keep every pup, stray, and especially my adults!) I love my adults like family members, but I also have to run a business, and that requires me to continually keep puppies. This causes the number of dogs that I have to continually increase...not to bad... But as my females can only breed 3-4 times, to ensure good health and a long life, and then they need to be fixed and replaced by an up-coming breeding female...and as I do not breed till at least 2 years of age also for the health of my dogs, I have found that I will have 2 up and coming girls for every breeding age girl and as the years go by many, many retired dogs with at least one standing stud and sometimes two or three...and I have found that the more Danes I have the amount of individual time spent with each one is severely diminished, which I think is truly despicable! Not to mention, as all of my dogs are inside family pets, the amount of 150lb-200lb dogs fill up a house quite quickly and eat quite a bit of food, not to mention shots, flea care and heart worm among the many other expenses, and then there is individual dog time, and while I do stay at home all of the time, there are only so many hours in the day, and I have come to the point where I feel that not only will my adults get better care from a solo dog home but my remaining dogs will also get better care as there will be more of me to go around and I will be able to breed my females and males fewer times before having them fixed, (which is always best) rather than breeding my girls more times to keep the number of over all dogs in the house down and I will not be worried about how much care my retired dogs are getting as I will know they are the center of their new families life :)

So after much debate and a good cry or two...or 10... I have decided that what is best for my dogs, while it may be hard and painful for me, is still best for my dogs, and that is for them to live a long and healthy life as the center of someone's world rather than just a part of it...there is only so much room beside my bed at night and every night as they all pile into the bedroom, everyone vying for the position right beside me or my husband...and there is just not that much room!...and that breaks my heart...even though they all have all of the couches, and individual bedrooms with individual outside attached yards for my younger ones.... a Dane always wants to be right at your side as you are the center of his/her world... And as much as I love them and they love me I know that they will also love a owner who can give them all of their time...which is what they deserve, and what is best for them.


Co-ownership and early retirement with adults and young adults will be adopted for Free into Qualified homes that live within an hour of us... home visits are a part of the qualification process... They will also have to be able to come back to me to be bred and to have their puppies.... ***for females I only do one or two litters, once in an early retirement home (I only do 3-4 litters TOTAL in their life time) and then I WILL FIX them and they will go permanently back into your home and their AKC papers can then be transferred into your name :) ****For males I reserve the right to keep them in tact and use them for my breeding program or stud service until they are up to but no more than 7 years of age and then I will have them fixed prior to AKC papers being transferred...

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"He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."