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Night Magic Danes

Co-Own Contract for Female Puppies

This agreement is between Ann L Simpson of Night Magic Danes here by referred to As Breeder, and _________________________________ here by referred to as Co-owner. This contract is to be for________________ bred by Night Magic Danes here by referred to as dog.

The breeder of this dog will retain full breeding rights and full registered ownership of this Dog until the terms of this agreement have been fulfilled.

The breeder shall require no more than Three litters from this Dog.

It is the breeders choice to breed or not to breed this dog for the length of this contract.

The breeder will be responsible for all expenses related to breeding and whelping of this dogs litters. The breeder will have all pups and profits and expenses from these litters.

The breeder will have the dog at her home for the breeding, whelping and nursing weeks and be responsible for all expenses, care of bitch and puppies during her pregnancy whelping and nursing period.

The co-owner will notify breeder on first signs of every heat this female has.

The co owner will be responsible for all shots {except first puppy shots}, and day to day expenses for food and care.

The co-owner will be responsible for all vet expenses, except expenses relation to breeding, whelping and nursing, or vet expenses accrued while the dog is in breeders care.

The co-owner will be solely responsible for the actions of this dog while in her day to day care.

The co-owner will allow breeder access to this dog for showing, special training, breeding, whelping and nursing.

The co-owner will take this dog to training classes or otherwise be responsible for the dogs training.

This dog is to be a house pet, and not to spend its life as an outside dog.

This dog is to live day to day as a spoiled pet with co-owner except for times stated in this contract.

Until this female is spayed the co-owner will keep this female away from all male dogs capable of breeding, while in season.

This dog is never to be allowed to run at large.

This dog is to be confined to the house when in heat except to be taken out side under strict supervision.

Co-owner shall not spay this dog with out permission of breeder until after her third litter. If this is done co-owner will pay breeder $3000 {the cost of a breeding Dane}

Should co-owner allow an accidental breeding, she must terminated the breeding at his/her expense. If breeding can not be terminated with out interfering with the future breeding health of female being compromised, Breeder will take custody and sole ownership of this litter and place pups as she sees fit. This will not be counted as one of the breeder’s Three litters

The breeder will be responsible for all show entry fees in shows the breeder wants the dog entered in until she has finished her championship.

If co-owner wishes to enter the dog in a show that breeder does not want, then co-owner will pay the costs of that show. .

After this female has whelped THREE litters, and if the breeder would like one more litter from the dog then the breeder will give co-owner the option to spay the female or co-own another litter from this female.

If co-owner chooses to spay the female after her third litter the breeder will have her spayed at the breeders expense and after completion of spaying, the breeder will sign the dogs registration papers over to co-owner and the breeder will have no more legal right to the dog from the day or spaying forward, {except for the abuse and neglect clause of this contract} and the {right to know and placement clause}.

The co-owner will have the 1st option to co-own any puppy produced by this dog with the same contract so long as the breeder is looking for a co-own home for one of the puppies produced by that litter

The co-owner will bring the dog to the breeder for monthly visits until 6 months of age, and then by-monthly visits until her first heat…this allows the breeder to assess the dog as well as keeping a bond with the dog in order for the dog to feel comfortable in the breeders home while breeding and having puppies

*Additional Ease of Agreement Bonus* The breeder agrees to pay 3% (of the profits only) from the dogs 1st litter up to 500$, 5% (of the profits only) up to 800$ for the 2nd litter, 7% (of the profits only) up to 1100$ from the 3rd litter and 9% (of the profits only) up to 1400$ from the 4th litter ONLY if the co-owner full-fills this contract and is available, co-operative to all of the breeders requests and meet-ups throughout this contract and is easy to work with, will the breeder award this additional bonus to the co-owner.

If money is to be paid to the co-owner by the breeder it will be done by the time the puppies from the dog’s litter are 12 weeks of age

All other pups from this breeding will be sold by the breeder and all profits will be kept by the breeder.

Breeder gets fist pick of any pups produced by this dog.

Breeder will have the right to choose the stud dog for any litters this dog shall have.

This dog is never to have more than 4 litters in her life time and never bred past her 5th year of age.

If this contract is breached and not abide to by co-owner , breeder has the right to terminate this contract and repossess the dog.

Abuse and neglect clause- For the life of this dog, Co-owner will not abuse or neglect the care of this dog. At any time the Breeder believes this dog is abused or neglected she has the right to reposes’ the dog and co-owner agrees to not seek legal damages against breeder or cause the breeder legal expenses.

Right to know and placement clause For the life of this dog, the co-owner will let the breeder know where the dog lives. For the life of this dog the co-owner will not re-home or give this dog away to anyone with out the permission of breeder. For the life of the dog, if co-owner can not keep this dog, co-owner will return the dog to the breeder. For the life of this dog , If the co-owner gives the dog away with out the permission of breeder the co-owner agrees to pay breeder $3000 {The cost is calculated by the value of the dog if it had of been sold to co-owner.}=====


SIGNED THIS DATE _______________Breeder: Ann Huffmaster______________________

CO-OWNER ________________________________ date: _______________


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"He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."