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Kiah and Riddick's 1st litter

Stella and Riddick's litter

Nala and Ranger's litter

Kiah and Leos litter

Harley and Leo's Litter is Here! born on 9/11/2014

Saukie and Riddicks Puppies are here!! :)

Lila and Rangers Puppies are Here!

Harley and Xander's litter :)

Xandie and Leo's litter

Click Here to go to Prada and Leo's 1st Litter

Prada & Leo's 2nd litter

Zelda and Leo's Litter

Xandie and Leo's 1st litter

Queenie's 1st blue Harlequin/merle litter

Queenie and Leo's blue harl/merle litter

Queenie and Xander's litter born Aug 29th

Sheba and Riddicks all blue litter

Xander X Sterling 1st litter

Xander X Sterling 2nd litter

Click Here to go to Sterling and Leo's 1st Litter

Click Here to go to Sterling and Leo's 2nd Litter

Xander and Niah's first 2 litters puppies

Niah and Xander's 3rd litter 03/16/12

Jake and Gypsy's previous puppies

Jake and Jayda's previous puppies

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