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All puppies will be AKC Reg. I do offer Limited and Full Reg. Limited requires spay/neut Contract to be signed and conformation from a vet of spay/neut and then AKC papers will be sent. I will only place qualified pups on Full Reg and only to qualified show/breeding homes, if you are taking advantage of the puppy back option then I will hold on to your puppies papers until I receive the puppy back. All puppies will be up to date on all shots and worming. I offer a standard 2 year genetic guarantee on all puppies. I also offer....

Health Guarantee

*All puppies come with a standard *2 year* health guarantee that covers the death of a purchased adult or puppy from Night Magic Danes, as a result of a genetic issue, with a certified autopsy, if that were to happen the puppy or adult would be replaced with a puppy of equal value when availability arises.

*5 year* genetic Gold guarantee, up's the 2 year to a 5 year *60 month* guarantee if the puppy buyer agrees to continue to use Omega 3 fatty acids daily using seapet's automatic shipments

*Life-Time* 8 year genetic Premium guarantee, if the puppy buyer agrees to continue to use Omega 3 fatty acids along with Seapet's Super Health Joint Formula, daily using seapet's automatic shipments and it will up the 2 year to a 8 year *96 month* guarentee

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***special note***Prices can change over the years, as cost of living, and raising litter costs increases and because my deposits can roll over from litter to litter *indefinitely*, and sometimes can span several years, if circumstances don't work out for a particular litter or time frame (as we understand how life can work sometimes! :)I wanted to make a note that the price listed at the time your puppy will GO HOME will be the price that applies, as we base our puppy prices off of cost of up-keep and cost to raise litters.... so this is what is already invested in our litters and why current prices have to apply...



***Surprise Puppy Special***
(Current litters only)
$300 off a surprise pick at 7 weeks
*only one surprise selection will be granted

You're in for amazing surprise-a delightful puppy will be yours! while you won't have the option to select your furry companion, the anticipation of discovering your new four-legged friend will surely fill your heart with boundless joy!



Birth prices for all pet puppies

scroll down to see some of our past puppies in the different colors :)


Harlequin Great Dane Puppies

Blue Harlequin
Fawn Harlequin

Blue Puppies

Blue fawn & Fawn Great Dane Puppies

Blue Fawn

blue fawn is also called Isabel European Great Dane Puppies :)

Blue Merle Great Dane Puppies

Blue/Silver Merle

Tan Point Great Dane Puppies

To learn more about Tan Points
Click Here



1) All colors start at $4,500 with FULL reg. (excluding Lilac Tan Points)

2.) Chocolate and Silver *AKA Lilac Tan Point puppies are $5,000 full


some pictures for side by side comparison of the different puppy colors :)

Puppies pictured below are from an outside stud service from Leo

Puppies pictured above are from two seperate litters: the all blue puppies are from Sheba's litter and the blue harls and blue/silver merles are from Queenie litter (Queenies litter is two weeks older:)


3% pay-pal fee included

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"He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."


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