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The Great Dane

Known as the Apollo of Dogs, the Great Dane is not from Denmark as his name suggests, but is actually the National dog of Germany where they are known as the Deutsche Dogge. Since the Middle Ages, the Great Dane has been used to hunt boar and other big game. He has also been used as a war dog and to patrol large estates where his size, along with his regal profile and aristocratic demeanor would be sure to intimidate even the bravest intruders. Buffalo Bill Cody owned a Great Dane.

The Great Dane is a giant breed, standing 30 inches or more at the shoulder. He has a short, smooth coat in fawn, black, blue, brindle, white with black patches (harlequin), or black with white trim (Boston). In North America, the ears are typically cropped erect while in Europe they are left in their natural fold. Grooming requirements are minimal.

Strong, elegant, and well-muscled, this is nevertheless an affectionate, loyal, and gentle breed. He prefers to live with people and is not really happy living in a kennel. The Great Dane is lively and alert, yet patient with children. However, due to his great size, he should always be supervised with children.

This dog needs room - indoor and out! Since he is happiest as a house dog, he should live in a larger home, and he must have a fenced yard. He is fine in the city or the country but he must have plenty of exercise, including at the very least a long daily walk. The Great Dane is highly intelligent and trainable. As he is a sensitive breed, harsh training methods are inappropriate.

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