Comments from Night Magic Dane Puppy Owners


Message by Laura Jackson owner of Savanna (3 1/2 years)(Jake X Gypsy)

Good morning, This is Laura Jackson (formerly Laura Hill), mommy to Savannah Marie Jackson--one of your amazing dogs. I wanted to tell you about Savannah's heroic actions--actions that saved my life. Last Saturday, I started having chest pains. I was upstairs so I started to walk downstairs. I passed out at the top of the stairs (on the hardwood), got up, walked down the stairs, and passed out again at the bottom of the stairs (on the tile). I hit the right side of my head on the tile and stopped breathing. Savannah apparently heard me fall, checked on me, started whining, and went and got Lillie (our 12-year-old daughter). Savannah (AKA Lassie) wouldn't leave Lillie alone until Lillie got up and followed her to me. Lillie found me, saw that I was completely blue, and called the ambulance. The paramedics came. When they started to turn me over I started breathing shallowly but started convulsing and moaning. They strapped me to the board and shouted at me until I responded. They did a preliminary spinal check and loaded me into the ambulance. They stabilized me in the ambulance and I started regaining my normal color. Lillie and Savannah saved my life. I am dumbfounded. I am contacting the Ashburn Fire and Rescue to see if I can surprise Lillie by having her school call an assembly, bring Savannah in, and having the Ashburn paramedics present Lillie and Savannah with a certificate in front of the whole school. Laura and Sonnie



Message sent by Katy Harmon owner of Dixie (Xander x Niah) 5 months

We are just in love with Dixie... her personality is laid back and a little goofy and she is so loving and cuddly. She likes nothing more than to be right next to us and is my shadow. If we are on the sofa and her bed is too far away from us, she'll lay on the floor right up against the sofa until we move her bed closer. Dix is a great traveler! It all started when we drove 11 hours home from your farm with her. She is a dream in the car... We travelled to Northern Michigan to our family's summer cabin in July and she proved to be a good car traveler again. She also proved to love the woods and the freedom it brings. She did wonderfully with her expanded boundary while we were there. Dixie also learned to play nicely with kids while we were there and she discovered that she does not like the water at this point in her life. At home she loves to romp around the back yard and have us chase her.. we tried to teach her to fetch the ball or a stick and bring it back but she just runs to get it then looks back at us and starts running around until we chase her. :) It's pretty funny... She loves to play with her dog friends at the park near our house.... she is very social and yet she is very submissive to other dogs. Dixie is a little clumsy.. hee hee.. which makes for some humorous moments. Recently her back legs became crossed while she was sleeping and she couldn't get up until we helped her. It was so funny... Dixie graduated puppy basics obedience with flying colors and will be doing the next level of training in the fall when it cools off. To sum it up, Dixie is an extremely sweet, slightly timid, rather goofy, very lazy Dane who is quite pretty and an excellent guard dog. Oh and she loves to give kisses... lots of kisses. We love her more than we imagined was possible.


Message sent by Heather Bromiley mother of Daphane Moon (Xander X Niah) 5 months

Hello Ann. Hope all is well with you and your family. We are head over heels in love with Daphne. She is very loving, a mamas girl for sure. She is obedient and walks right beside me on a leash. Our two Boston terriers her brothers think They are as big as her. Its quite funny to watch them play. There whole head fits inside her mouth. But she is very gental with them. Our family could not be happier. Daphne weights 75 pounds and she's 25 ins. Thanks again for bringing such a joy to our family.


Message sent by Raymond and Michele Sbrega from Monroe CT, owner of Bruno (7 months)(Jake and Gypsy)

Hi Ann, So great to hear from you! Our "Little" Baby had definitely Grown! LOL. He is approximately 150lbs, 31 inches to his shoulder & 41 inched to top of his head when standing on all four legs. As big as he is, is still has the endurance to run like a horse! He has his neuter appointment next week, Wednesday June 24th. In & Out surgery by the Vet I used to work for, so all should go very smoothly. He has full run of our yard. We have an electric fence that borders the 1 1/2 acres. He does very very well on it. We do not even need to have him wear his collar anymore since he understands that he must stay in our yard. The nice thing is that we are the last house on a dead end, so we never worry about cars or traffic if he is to run out of the yard. Our Big guy LOVES Water! We put the sprinkler on & he jumps in & out of it like a little kid. He also LOVES to find Hugh sticks in the woods & bring them to the back & front yard to chew on. He is very very good with children and is an absolutely lovable & affectionate boy. He gives lots of kisses! He does like to bark at passing strangers, which gives us good protection but we are working on limiting his barking needs. As you will see from the pictures he has a lot more skin to grow into. He is exactly what we wanted!! A bit wrinkly, and a big mush ball. He likes to snuggle on the couch with us & likes to be next to us all the time. We can't say enough wonderful things about him!!


Message Sent by Danisa Alvarez owner of Azlan (7 months)(Jake and Gypsy)

Hi Ann! Hope all is well with you. What can I tell you about Azlan? He has been such a joy and a ray of sunshine in our house. He is such a sweetheart and definitely a momma's boy. He is so curious and loves to explore. He is 30" to the shoulder and is weighing 112lbs. People are intimidated by his size, but he is such a scaredy cat! He'll bark if he hears something or if someone walks by our house, but thats about it... Me and Junior took him to the beach not too long ago and can you believe that he is afraid of water? We lured him in with some Cheetos, but when he realized he was in the water he started to jump trying to get out. We're trying to show him that the water won't hurt him by playing with him in the yard with a hose, but we'll see. His pictures are attached. Take care Danisa

Message Sent by Danisa Alvarez owner of Azlan (8 weeks)(Jake and Gypsy)

Hey Ann I hope you're doing well. Azlan is doing fantastic! We took him to a vet on Sunday to retape his ears and he was weighing in at 12lbs. We took him to his permanent vet on Thursday and he was impressed with Azlan's crop job. He said it's the best he has ever seen and he said his ears are doing just fine and they are holding up really well for just one retaping. He is now weighing 15.6lbs! He is eating so good. We feed him Eagle Pack Holistic Select 3 times a day and sometimes have to serve him more in the same sitting. He really likes his new kibbles. He is soo sweet. He loves being in bed with me and Junior. He loves curling up on my pillow and putting his head in the nook of my neck. He wakes up only once in the night around 6AM, but he goes right back to sleep after going out to potty. Everyone in the house LOVES him. Everywhere we go with him people stop us to pet him and say how cute he is. You don't really find blue great danes down here. We went to puppy classes today and he was so well behaved. The trainer said he is going to be a dream to train. I've taken lots of pictures, but I still need to put them together. As soon as I get them on my computer I'll be sure to send them to you.


Message sent by Sharon Hook owner of Jackson (1 year)(Jake and Jayda) and Zeke (3 months)(Jake and Gypsy).

At Jackson's last appointment, he weighed almost 160 pounds. I can't tell you how much I love him....he's 36 inches at his shoulder....just massive. Zeke gets neutered tomorrow....he is just precious...the sweetest dog I have ever owned....he is my shadow when I am at home...well, when he's not playing with Jackson... So photos....asap.... Hope all is well with your pack... Sharon


Message by Kristine Farmer owner of Graycie (2 years)(Jake and Jayda)

Hey Ann It was so nice to hear from you the other day. I am such a loser because I havent sent you pics of your beautiful baby. Everywhere we go she is the hit of the parade. We found this "meet up" group where local atlanta great dane owners meet each week. It is GREAT fun and the pups love it. Until we started going, Graycie hasnt seen a dog her size. And she is a big 'un. Last Petsmart weigh in was 149 and she stands quite tall. She isnt fat, she is quite muscular and very nimble. Even at the meet up groups people comment on how beautiful she is. Most recently we were at Piedmont Park in downtown Atlanta and that was great. So many pups to play with and sniff, and the people are all so friendly. We get so wrapped up in playing and talking that we forget to take pictures of her. The ones attached are from February, but she hasnt changed much since. She does have a little white/gray around her nose. If I could have every one of your puppies I would, but I dont think hubby will let me, and I am not sure that they could compare to Graycie. As you can see by some of the pics, she is quite spoiled. We said she would never get on the couch or the bed...yeah,right. Now we cant wait for her to come lay with us in the morning! Next park day I will take pics and send them to you. She and Monte, the brindle mutt and her best friend, are wonderful for each other. Look for more pics and I will try to send them more frequently. I check out your site still and oooooh and got some pretty babies! Thanks again, and I will send more pics soon


Message sent by Laura Hill owner of Savanna (14 months)(Jake and Gypsy)

I haven't weighed her lately, but I need to do so!!!! She is probably around 180 lbs.....she definitely is a BEAUTIFUL dane......people are BLOWN AWAY when they see her....and sometimes she'll "pose" and my boyfriend and I will look at her like "WOW.....she is the PERFECT example of a Dane!" I have a doggie nanny that comes every day to play with the girls and walk them/play with them, and she is so in love with them, sometimes she asks to bring friends and family over to show them off--and she takes pictures to show them off to people that she doesn't bring along! She's great with them, and they ADORE her. I have a funny story: So both my girls were due for a bath and the groomer has proven that she obviously doesn't understand how to groom a Dane (I think she uses the same amount of shampoo for Savannah as she uses for Haylee....I'm serious....), so I wanted to go back to grooming her myself. The weather has been beautiful lately, so I was going to bathe her outside with the hose, but she seriously does NOT like to be hosed off with the outside hose--even when it's 1,000 degrees out. She'll come sit at my feet and look at me like "Um.....Mom? Can you dry me off please? I hate this crap." So I got the bright idea to bathe her in the tub. Wow. I tried coaxing her in, thinking "She is SO nosy when I'M in the shower.....she MUST want to climb in!" Not so much. She really WANTED to climb in to please me, but she was too scared to do so. So I went and got one of her leashes and put it on her, and she walked right into the tub. Lucky me. Kinda. So I climb in and get all set up and begin to hose her down........and she braces herself against my feet with her feet and against my leg with her ENTIRE body weight (I take it back---I think she's at around 250 lbs.......or at least that's what it feels when she leans on my or steps on my foot). This is not a situation that lends itself to mommy balancing very well in the SLIPPERY TUB. So we spend the whole time in there pushing each other's feet back and forth, me thinking "Stay on YOUR side of the tub before you knock me over!" ---- her thinking "Quit PUSHING me to my side of the tub.....I want to be on YOUR side." 45 minutes later, I have a clean Dane and I'm ready to wash Haylee.....but I'd rather take a nap. So Haylee gets a quick bath (she's easy.....anyone that can't wash a 4-lb. dog quickly is an idiot) and I move onto the nails/teeth/ears phase of Operation Bathe The Dogs. This does not go well because Savannah is thoroughly annoyed with the whole bath scenario and simply doesn't want to NOT be her normal nosy self ("What's that? What are you doing? Oh....that's my foot. Ok. You can touch it. WAIT---what's THAT?????? What are you doing to my sister????? Oh. She's fine. Ok. Go ahead. WAIT!!!!!!!! I have NO idea what you think THAT is going to be used for, but you aren't TOUCHING me with it....oh.....this actually feels good......I like the chicken can do that.....WAIT---why is HAYLEE getting the chicken toothpaste TOO???? I thought that was MINE???? That's it. I'm taking it. You can't have it. I don't wanna share. She doesn't like it ANYWAY, so you're WASTING it."). I feel the sudden urge to look for a good groomer. :-)

Message by Laura Hill owner of Savanna (9 months)(Jake X Gypsy)

Well, I tell everyone that she's so beautiful because I took the time to research and find a good breeder with a quality bloodline in her Danes. It's just awful how many people have no concept of how important good breeding is - to the health of your puppy, to how long they live, and to how awesome they look.

Message by Laura Hill owner of Savanna (7 months)(Jake X Gypsy)

I just took some more pictures of Savannah but they turned out terribly - I need to catch her after one of our walks when she's pooped so I can get her to pose for the 3 seconds it takes to shoot a good picture :) I'll send some along when I get the chance - she is REDICULOUSLY beautiful, and everyone that comes to visit falls in love with her immediately because she's such a lover! She's DEFINITELY Jake.....hands-down.....looks and personality, based on your description of his mannerisms.... I wanted to drop you a line and tell you a funny story. Savannah is terrified of vacuum cleaners, and she's definitely not a big fan of the broom, either. I was doing a "clean-the-house-fast-because-it's-a-disaster-and-people-are-coming-over-in-30-minutes" crazy cleaning session last night, and I was running all over the house with the vacuum. Savannah usually hides in the dining room in the far corner while I vacuum, and I give her the space she needs and save that room for last. Then I tell her to go in the other room before I bring the vacuum in. Well, I was in a rush and was moving from room to room pretty quickly, and she couldn't seem to find a "safe" spot....first, she hid behind the sofa in a corner big enough for the cat, but I'm not sure HOW she squeezed in there.....then she hid by the back door, wedged in between the recliner and the wall (again, with the small spaces :) )....then she finally found the "sweet spot" -- I found her in the far back corner of our walk-in closet, butt pressed up against the wall (pretty much CLIMBING the wall), legs curled up into her body, and facing out so she could vanquish the demon vacuum should it turn the corner and try to attack. I put the vacuum in the other room and crawled into the corner of the closet with her and laughed while I held her until she finally believed me that the demon vacuum was dead for the night. She is so crazy cute when she is giving me the "Mommy - HOLD ME" look! I was in tears laughing at this giant lug that is MUCH bigger than the vacuum....and is deathly afraid of it! :)




"He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."